Increase Leads,
Web presence and Reap the rewards.

Our various lead generation plans will help you to generate monthly
online leads, save time and money.

How we work

Assess your needs

We understand your requirements. Analyse the customer journey. Review the visitors, leads, user journey and website usability.

Set Objectives

We collaborate and set objectives to work on. You may want to start off by defining your goal by either the number of leads expected or revenue per lead.

Develop and Launch

Develop the marketing campaign directing people to a special, optimized landing page that prompts the visitor with more information and a call to action.

Track and Measure

You can measure cost per lead if you have the details of how much you spend on lead generation. Results from the campaign should be used to optimize future campaigns.

Lead Generation Techniques

Google Ads

  • Our team will provide an analysis for you to determine what cities, neighbourhoods, and communities you can target to achieve market dominance and be more competitive.
  • We will design a campaign that reflects your business model, objectives, and the type of leads you want to attract
  • We will create attractive landing pages for buyers and sellers.
  • Captured leads will be synced into CRM for follow-ups
  • One time Set up fee of $200

Facebook Ads

  • We will define clear goals for the campaigns. Different goals and accomplishment will require different Facebook campaign design
  • We will clearly define the target market. You don’t want to reach billions of people who are not your ideal customers.
  • We need to define how much money you want to spend and when your Facebook campaign will run.
  • Based on your goals and what you want to achieve with your Facebook campaigns you need to choose the right budget.
  • It is crucial to get the biggest possible ROI on each your invested advertising dollar. We can ensure this by the use of adequate measuring and testing process.
  • One time Set up fee of $150

Customer Retargeting

  • Add a tag or pixel to your website so that visitors can get added to your remarketing audiences through browser cookies.
  • Customize the code for different pages to correspond to more defined categories.
  • Using retargeting, you can show Google ads to your previous site visitors while they browse the vast number of Google partner sites.
  • By presenting your display remarketing banner ads to visitors even as they browse other parts of the web, you are gaining brand exposure and becoming more recognizable to your target audience, raising trust and making them more likely to purchase from you.
  • One time Setup fee of $125

Custom Marketing

Talk to our IT consultants who has more than 15 years of experience in
digital marketing to design the custom marketing plans for you

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