Why you need Organic MLS integration to your website?
  • 29 Apr 2021

Why you need Organic MLS integration to your website?

To do an MLS integration, you need to use an IDX or RETS service provider. But the problem here is there is a lot of option in the market to pick and chose from that varies in price and technology. The visual aspect of the website will be almost similar but the technology that dictates the entire process is crucial in improving visibility and search engine optimization.

Multiple Listing Service or MLS in short brings in the entire search engine value to your websitewhich is a relators dream. MLS integrates the entire data to your website and the best part is that it is not based on a third-party listing where you lose your visibility and search engine value. While using MLS the search engine value of your website is upheld.

Once integrated into the website it is seen as data that belongs to your website, since the content is updated regularly the search engines rank your website for the relevant searches up top.

There are quite a number of MLS/IDX providers that do not use the organic method and as a result, come around cheap.

The problem with these non-organic MLS is they serve the immediate purpose but in a long run it costs more than the organic alternative, eventually falls behind your competitor. Which you don’t want to happen.

How to distinguish between organic MLS Integration from non-organic ones?

It is easy to identify the organic one from the non-organic one. Something similar to MYDOMAIN.COM and the MLS IDX provider’s website is IDXPROVIDER.COM

1. Each website has a unique URL ‘www.yourdomain.com/------’ and some websites keep on showing the same URL even after opening whichever property. This shows that the website is using Non-organic

2. Besides, the URL should not be in these formats:

● a. idxprovider.mydomain.com/rest_of_the_url

● b. mydomain.idxprovider.com/rest_of_the_url

● c. idxprovider.com/mydomain/rest_of_the_url

● d. idxprovider.com/rest_of_the_url The individual property should be in the following URL format

● mydomain.com/rest_of_the_url To get to know whether you are using an organic MLS integration.

1. Position your mouse over one of the links of a property, for example ‘details’ button and right-click (Windows) or secondary-click (Mac) 2. Click on ‘Open in new Tab’ and look at the address URL on the top address bar


1. Right-click and select ‘Copy Link’ on the ‘Details’ button of a property.

2. Open a new tab and paste the copied link into the address bar

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