What exactly a real estate agent does?
  • 30 Apr 2021

This is how the real estate industry works

The industry keeps afloat because the value of property almost every time tends to rise. And people take advantage of this and make the net extra cash. SIMPLE!! The agents in between take a small cut from the entire process.

What is Real Estate?

It is broadly classified into residential, commercial, industrial, and land. These properties often include natural resources like water, crops that give added value to the property.

● Residential Properties include domestic residences such as family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and vacant rentals.

● Commercial Properties include structures like offices, stores, hotels, service buildings, and other business properties

● Industrial properties include manufacturing units, factories, warehouses, and research centers.

● Land properties include few or no structures such as vacant land, farms, ranches, and reclaimed sites.

There are a lot of economic forces that play when it comes to property acquisition and sales. These indications give the buyer and seller the input to decide whether to sell or buy a certain property. Different market segments work on different paramters. For example, the housing market is generally driven by welfare and family-oriented amenities, and commercial spaces depend on potential customers, transportation facilities, and employee availability. The general trend in the real estate market can give us an overall picture of how certain sections of society perform.

What exactly a real estate agent does?

A real estate agent is someone who guides you through property acquisition and sales. An agent gives you the dynamics and details of the market to give you the best reasonable options you can get - For the present and future. He/She also walks you through all the laws and regulations that needed to be followed and also helps in paperwork for the exchange of the property.

The buyer agent and the listing agent works for the buying and selling client respectively

How Do Real Estate Agents Make Money

When a deal is done an agent charges a commission of the deal done. The commission is usually split between seller and buyer and it is paid out when the sale is complete. A common commission in the real estate industry is 5 to 6 percent, though some agents will offer some or all of their services for a flat fee.

How the Real Estate Industry Works in Canada?

● Homeowner and listing agent enter a contract for the sale of the home

● The listing agent implies a Data Distribution Facility (DDF) which allows the property to be sold nationwide

● The buyer’s agent finds a home and inquires about it for potential buyers

● The listing agent provides information and showing

● Listings and buyer’s agent enter negotiations for the sale

● Buyers and sellers agree to the final price

● Agents ensure the legality of the sale

● Sale closed and commission paid

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