IDX for Real Estate and how it works?
  • 01 May 2021

IDX for Real Estate and how it works?

We are in a digital world and every aspect of almost every industry is subjected to a lot of changes and uncertainties. When it comes to real estate IDX integration is one of these. We will go through IDX and its application in the real estate world.

There are thousands of listings going live each day and customers are used to going through these thousands of unorganized data. The realtors on the other hand are trying to make sense of these complex scattered data for better understanding. This is where IDX or Internet Data Exchange comes into the picture. There is abundant data available and we just need to organize that, lets find out how IDX does this.

Apart from making sense of this data and communicating it across potential costumes, you can now use the advanced MLS technology to improve lead generation and expand the company’s reach.

Let’s understand what IDX is

Internet Data Exchange or IDX in short is a concept related to real estate listing that covers a wide range of aspects like guidelines, policies, and software implementation.

The National Association of Realtors or NAR has said that realtor who conducts themself in the local listing can share this information online.

IDX is mainly used by realtors to

● Show MLS listings on agent websites,

● Provide a means for customers to check for active listings, and

● Facilitate client contact/budget details by encouraging clients to select which real estate professional to share their information with.

In short, the realtor can provide the potential customer with all the MLS data available through their private site. What IDX does is keep them on the platform without redirecting them to a third-party listing provider or to the nearest MLS.

It is a flexible platform that can be malleable according to the necessity of the realtor and the customer targeted.

How to work with IDX?

IDX can be applied across four key technologies: IDX Framing, RETS, RESO Web API, and FTP.

IDX gives a way for MLS listing to be live on your website. MLS being updated frequently this automatically updated the IDX website-related and hence your website stays updated with the latest listing every time.


Real Estate Transaction Standard or RETS is an Internet data exchange model based on XML. This works across the country and allows the local listing to go live along with the entire lot.


A standard MLS database interface that allows realtors to make direct calls to MLS service. This is a WEB API-based functionality that streamlines the entire listing process.

IDX Framing

Popularly known as iFrame this application allows the realtors to post the listing on their personal website. This allows the realtor to use the MLS search window that is directly connected with the mother server. Although this doesn’t give a lot of SEO value to the website.


The file transfer protocol is almost an outdated technology that helps in transferring MLS listing from the mother data to a local listing. More sophisticated and swift technologies have already taken over the market as FTP is burdensome and slow.

What are the benefits of using IDX based real estate website?
Enhanced user experience

The entire process becomes a hassle-free experience with better lead generation and allowing the customer to have a smooth home buying experience. This enhances the business efficiency which ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction

Website search engine visibility

If you want better visibility and lead generation for your business which is in fact every realtor’s dream then IDX is the best solution. IDX allows an organic improvement in the visibility of the website. Although simply patching an IDX to your website won’t suffice the best experience, there are some additional requirements to keep the boat sailing.

● Proper implementation and monitor of content

● Since everyone has the same opportunity you should come up with unique content

● Promoting and improving the visibility of content

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