How can realtors generate online leads?
  • 14 Jun 2021

Online lead generation- Not so far-fetched anymore!


Everything is digitized, shopping is online, groceries are online, even services are online. Off late, if you are not online, you are lagging. There are a lot of advantages of going online, mainly, you can reach out to a number of people. As they say, in a classroom, you can only have 30-50 students but in an online meeting, you can have 300-500 learners. Going online is expanding your horizons. Marketing is a great way to expand your business online and to generate leads, who are genuine buyers and sellers.


So now how exactly can you generate these leads?


1. First and foremost would be to get your website; the leads should have somewhere to go to know all about your business, your services, and your past experience. And make sure your website shows what you offer. After all, when someone is thinking about buying a home, they want to imagine a beautiful and happy place. Make your website reflect those feelings. Your real estate website is the foundation of your online lead generation. It’s an opportunity for you to provide value and offer your web visitors a chance to interact with your brand.


2. IDX: Your website must include IDX, now what is this weird-sounding word? IDX stands for internet data exchange. Basically, it can help you capture leads through “delayed forced registration.” This feature will force users to enter their information when searching for property listings on your website. And will be sure for real estate lead generation.


3. Digital marketing: Digital marketing is to advertise and showcase your products, in your case your listings, to the masses through social media. Nowadays, to check authenticity, people usually check your profile, make your profile impress your leads so they contact you.


4. Write blogs: Building an online lead generation strategy is very similar to building a house. If your real estate website is your foundation, then your blog is the framing. Your blog has the potential to be a big-time web traffic generator. It gives you the ability to help real estate prospects who are searching the web for information.


5. Video content: Posting on social media is a sure shot, but for lead generation, it must also catch people’s attention, and what better way to catch someone’s attention than hypnotizing them with your video creation?


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