Benefits of AgentRoof CRM
  • 14 Jun 2021


The real estate industry is a dynamic sector, you need to be everywhere at the same time. You need to be interacting with a new client at the same time hunting for your next one and most of the time you may be engaged in fieldwork. After all, it’s a real estate industry we are talking about. The technological support in this sector is usually perceived to be complicated and hard to crack and often believed to be redundant. But the amount of lead generation and customer monitoring the new technologies offer is a must-have in this competitive world. How do you use these? The answer is simple just implement. Most of the lead generation tools like CRM are just implementation-type tools. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to implement. Yes, there is a level of initial commitment that you should give to the learning process but it’s mostly organic you don’t have to sit through or hear lectures. Just start using! Agentroof has found a new direction and is taking the next step toward better customer relationship tool implementation. The lead landscape is changing and we need to understand and monitor the fast-growing audience. We need to increase the efficiency to improve the sale which is not rocket science. And to improve efficiency we need more things done in less time. CRM just does that, in fact, you can do more without even spending time. Everything is AUTOMATED. Agentroof CRM is a new industry standard when it comes to automated lead generation in monitoring. We believe in giving the space and time to the real estate to do what they are best at forgetting about all the dirty work they have to do to generate future customers. That’s where we come in. Agentroof CRM is a game-changer for any aspiring Real Estate Agent.

Now let’s see what Agentroof CRM can do

Dashboard- where the work gets done

The dashboard window of the UI gives you a comprehensive idea of your action plan. The dashboard is further classified into four tabs that show leads, Automotive activities, inbox, and today’s event.

The Lead window shows you the complete detail of your recent potential customer. It gives you an idea about how, when for what purpose customers followed your lead which can be then used to do targeted marketing.

  Automotive Activity generally takes into account every automation snippet you gave to the system. This can be automated email, call, and text message anything. This can also be customized if required.

Inbox as the name suggests gives you the entire reply messages to your mail, call, text, etc.

Todays event is a crucial tab and gives you a to-do list kind of an interface for the day and can be pretty much handy if you are a realtor.

The dashboard window also gives you another space called ‘Recent activities’ that shows you the recent interaction that you had with your customer like email replies, call recording, website interactions, etc which is useful to chart and organize your further plan.


This is where the magic happens. Customer relationship manager or CRM in short takes care of every detail about your lead and store it for future reference. The details usually include

1. Name

2. Contact Number

3. Email ID

4. The activity they do while on the website.

5. At what stage their lead process is. For example, if a lead just replied to your mail you can sort him to STAGE 1. This is subjective and can be altered according to your preferences.

6. Different tags can be assigned- If a lead responds to a home listing, then you can tag the lead to Home. Again completely user-driven and customizable.

7. The action plan if any

8. The customer’s last activity etc.

These are just the major points but there are a wide variety of tabs under this category for the best lead monitoring system.

The SMART CRM also takes care of mass email blasting, bulk call, and text forwarding. And the interesting part is we can upload email, call or text templates for each stage of the development of a lead. This way you don’t have to personally monitor your lead the CRM takes care of that. Customer falling into a certain stage is automatically given a pre-scheduled email, call or text.

It can also recognize and flag fake contact numbers and email ids.

The related data can be imported from an excel file.

LEAD PAGE This page is entirely dedicated to lead classification and sorting. On this page the user can view the details the CRM captured when the lead engaged with the system. This may include contact detail, email id, etc.

Even though the tool now know about the detail, if you have another number or mail id that could be personal contact with the customer you can manually enter these additional data. In addition to that, the page also gives you a wide variety of customization options for lead details like- Address, social links, and profile, a quick customer background, what are their preferences for property (single-home, townhouse, etc.) price range, etc. These are valuable lead details that can be used for targeted marketing and ads in the future.

The window also allows you to add additional data points for the recent interaction like E-Mail, call, text, with the customer which can be used for future reference. This is then displayed chronologically.

It also has a merge option that automatically integrates the name of the customer to the template you have created which can be a timesaver. There is an option to preview the final version for confirmation. This is also coupled with a call log tab to display the entire call history with the customer.

The lead page also has a dedicated sub-window for assigning

  Tags to various leads

Scheduled tasks to customers

Appointments that will be integrated with the calendar

Any specific files(multimedia or text) for scheduled sending

CRM in action

When a customer visits your website and signs up from the contact page. The integrated CRM absorbs the new information and store in the database for future reference. You don’t have to do that manually everything is integrated.

The entire action performed by someone who visits your website is recorded in the CRM tool.

Say a customer XYZ visited your website and clicked on the residential website, CRM quickly identifies the customer and tag him to the residential listing category.

Now you know someone with XYZ name and contact details who are on the lookout for say a residential listing in Brampton within a price range. What more you want? Now you got the details of a person who is an ideal candidate to market your residential listing preferably in the Brampton area for a certain price range.


This window helps in sorting out properties. The filtering can be carried out through a wide arrange of factors like







Once you pinpoint your property, the interface allows you to direct the property embedded in a mail to your customer. This mail can be scheduled to ‘n’ number of customers either right away or on a future timestamp.


This tool allows the user to set an activity to a future timestamp. We can set when a lead should get the reply mail, text or call. And this process can be triggered by the type of stage and embedded mail template.

Just the basic automated scheduling of mail, call, text, etc. Once you have set the action plan the process will be taken care of by the CRM to automatically carry out the action plan when the lead moves from one stage to another.


This window allows you to edit the preferences like





We can use this option to edit signature stamps on the emails that the system sent. The templates of various mails and text can be customized using this window. We can also use this feature to sort our entire system on basis of brokerage listing or the locality of the property.


Reports as the name suggest gives you an analytical perspective on what you do and how well are you doing.

It gives us information about

Email/SMS report (opened, deleted, spammed)

Successful/Bounced emails and text

Subscribe/Unsubscribed mails

New Listing Alert


In this option, the user is given an option to create a data table that has the following verticals




Further, the window gives the ‘Creating Alert’ option allows us to custom create the data table with


Location or Multiple locations

Listing Type (residential, condo, commercial)



Price range

Frequency (Twice a week, Once a week, Monthly)

Email CC allows you to add additional email id for you to send our emails.

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